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Lifetime Warranty

Why doesn't anyone else offer lifetime warranty?
Why doesn't anyone else offer lifetime warranty?

Backed by a network of 2,500 iTechs Nationwide, iCracked will repair your device if a part ever fails due to a manufactured defect. There is no other business that will stand behind their product and workmanship like we do. Just ask them for a lifetime warranty!

So really, why do the other guys give only 30 or 90 day warranties? It's because they use cheaper parts. Cheaper parts means they make more money on each repair. But we believe that inferior quality parts and workmanship is not the right way to do business. A repair on a device that holds your family photos, contact information, and a way to reach out in case of an emergency needs to be done right!

How good is our warranty? If we repair your phone or tablet here in San Antonio, but it malfunctions while you're in Houston, Dallas, or Chicago, you can have it repaired there! That's right. Because we are part of the iCracked network, your device is covered while you travel throughout the US and abroad.